Read carefully our terms of service and broadband internet plan usage.

  • Customer premises equipment (CPE) remains the property of TOROFI and customer is responsible for stolen and theft.
  • Charges are payable in advance during installation.
  • Installation charges are non-refundable, if any.
  • Speed indicates is till our ISP node.
  • TOROFI has the right to amend, revise the tariff at its sole discretion subject to regulatory compliance.
  • TOROFI reserve the right to cancel any services, if subscriber/client found to be using the internet services for illegal purpose or involved in activities prohibited by the law.
  • Cancellation charges may apply, in case of cancellation of service and refund scenario.


Use of service

We respect of international cyber crime law and do not allow any activities prohibited in any country by law. In case of such a situation, we will supply detailed report to law enforcement agencies and terminate your service without prior notice.

Speed may be varied, depends on (but not limited to) broadband internet plan you selected, service type, location, simultaneous connection and devices you uses for same service/s.

We reserve the right to change, re-issue or revoke FREE or PORMOTIONAL offers at any time without prior notice.


Contention Ratio : is subject to internet plans and connection type, eg. Shared line, lease line, on-demand line etc. Contention ratio is 1:1 for lease line customers and 1:8 for shared broadband users. Contention ratio will be vary for free or paid WiFi zone users and may changes time to time.

We reserve the right to make changes in contention ratio as per Government and/or company policy changes.

Speed : mentioned is download speed and upload speed will be 25% or 1Mbps, whichever is lower for regular broadband internet plans.

Upload speed will be equivalent to download speed for lease line broadband plans.

FUP : Some plans may subject to Fair Use Policy (FUP). FUP plans speed may be vary and/or depends on availability. Please refer to plan description for accurate information about FUP limits and speed shaping.

Installation Charges and Deposit

Acquiring our broadband internet service may subject to installation charges and/or deposit. Please check with us for more information on various charges.

Cancellation and Re-installation : Moving your connection is subject to availability of service and charges may apply for re-installation or cancellation.



Plans available for our Wi-Fi HotSpot service is not applicable to regular users and speed may be vary, according to location, online users and bandwidth limits.

We reserve the right to change or revoke any Wi-Fi HotSpot plan at any time without any prior notice.

You may use same user credentials to multiple Wi-Fi HotSpot location in our network (if applicable).